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Denture repairs and tooth additions 
We offer a 1 hour denture repair service. Tooth additions require an appointment and takes 2 hours to complete. 
Denture Relining 
With time gums shrink causing a gap to form under the denture making it feel loose. A reline is an infill of this gap making the denture feel more secure. A reline requires an appointment and takes 2 hours to complete. 
Range of Dentures 
Dentures may look similar but they can vary greatly in the materials used and consequently in the time that they will last. 
Not all dentures are the same, no mouth is the same and there are a lot of different ways of producing a set of dentures, some more time consuming and technically difficult than others. This is why some are more expensive than others. With higher priced dentures you are paying for the additional time required for manufacture and expensive high-tech, hard wearing materials. 
NHS/Budget denture 
These are made using basic quality teeth and plastic and are designed to simply replace the function of the lost teeth. We do not offer this sort of denture as we feel they are not adequate at fulfilling the needs of a denture. 
Standard denture 
These dentures are made in the traditional denture method but the materials used in the construction are of a higher quality. The acrylic we use (pink part of denture) is calledDiamond D high impact acrylic, it is a lot stronger and less likely to break than the standard heat cured 
acrylic. The teeth used are a mid range private quality, these are more natural looking and tougher making them last longer than the budget ones. We give them a 3 year guarantee against breakage and excessive wear 
High Impact Acrylic 
Vita - MFT / Ivoclar Ivostar Teeth 
Facebow reading 
3 Year Guarantee 
High quality denture 
These dentures are made using top quality denture teeth (SR Vivodent SPE) which are really tough teeth which look very natural, they are made using a highly cross linked material, which gives them outstanding wear resistance ensuring long lasting results. The acrylic used (the pink plastic part) is Ivoclars latest injection moulded high impact, this method gives the most accurate fitting dentures. And by using a special high detail impression material and special trays we can achieve natural looking, strong, well fitting dentures that will last a long time . 
We offer a 5 year guarantee with these against breakages or tooth wear. 
These dentures are not cheap but the extra costs involved in materials, production time, and the extra longevity of the dentures make them worth the extra spending. 
Ivoclar Ivobase injection moulded high impact 
Higher detail impression material 
Facebow reading (for a more accurate bite) 
Contoured and stippled gumwork for a more natural appearance 
5 year guarantee 
Supreme quality denture 
These dentures are made using the latest Supreme quality teeth. They are built up in layers, the chromatic dentine cores give the depth of colour to the tooth and the enamel layers provide opalesecense and and a very hard coat. These teeth look more realistic especially in natural light where lesser quality teeth have a 'plasticy' look. 
The plastic used is Ivobase injection moulded high impact acrylic from Ivoclar. 
All denture plastic is susceptible to chemical shrinkage during polymerization; considerable inaccuracy in the finished denture may be the result (looseness). To resolve that problem, Ivoclar developed the Ivobase injector. The use of a controlled heat/pressure polymerization, acrylic resin shrinkage can be compensated for by pressure feeding additional material into the denture mould during the polymerization process (click here for a demonstration video). What is achieved by using these materials is the best possible aesthetics, strength and a fit that can not be matched. 
To rule out the possibilty of these breaking we embed a cast cobalt-chomium insert inside the acrylic to increase the rigidity of the dentures, stopping any flex which is the cause of most denture breakages. 
To compliment the best materials we use an advanced method of positioning the denture teeth called BPS technique developed by Ivoclar. By setting the teeth in this way we achieve what is called balanced occlusion. This makes the finished dentures more stable when in function i.e. eating. 
These also have a 5 year guarantee against breaking or excessive wear
Willi Geller - Creopal or Ivoclar - Phonares 2 Teeth 
Ivoclar - Ivobase injection moulded high impact acrylic 
cast cobalt-chrome insert 
Teeth set to BPS technique 
Contoured and stightestippled gumwork 
5 year guarantee 
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